Wednesday 7 August 2013

ZHULIAN’s Name 速远之名

The name ZHULIAN is derived from the Chinese characters Sù Yuan, which translates to the English meaning as growing rapidly (Sù 速) and being far-sighted (Yuan 远). With these two auspicious characters combined, the name ZHULIAN simply reflects upon the Company's capacity and potential to prosper very quickly and go very far in its overall development and expansion.
The colour green is used as the colour for the corporate logo because green represents the growth of Mother Nature and its elements (trees, plants, flowers etc.) and thus, illustrates the swift and speedy success of the Company in all its endeavours. 

ZHULIAN 之名源自汉字“速远”,涵义为迅速成长(速)和有远见的(远)。由这两个字组成的速远名号反映着公司具备高瞻远瞩的实力 与潜力,就此让其整体发展势如破竹,潜力无限
企业标志使用了绿色,因绿色代表着生气勃勃的大自然及其绿元素(树木、植物、花卉等等),从而意味着公司在任何努力皆能迅速取得成功,呈现欣欣向荣 的好气象。

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